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about us

about us

Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill is the place to go for good food from scratch, no preservatives whatsoever! We offer vegetarian items and some gluten-free items. So, be sure to stop by for the healthiest, freshest Mediterranean meal at LAZEEZ…We’re not the only Mediterranean restaurant around, but we are definitely the best!

Stop in for the freshest chicken shawarma in town!! Try our Baklawa, Grape Leaves, and Hummus! Don’t miss out on our Falafels made from Scratch every day! Take a look at our Mediterranean Food Menu and you won’t be disappointed in the variety of fresh-made local Mediterranean cuisine at our restaurant Lazeez located in Allentown, PA.

So if you live anywhere in the Lehigh Valley, whether it’s Whitehall, Bethlehem, or Easton PA, this is the best Mediterranean restaurant in the area for amazing and fresh food!


So Fresh! So Lazeez!



Absolutely delicious. Wish I could give them more stars and thankfully they’re open during the COVID pandemic. We got the chicken shawarma wrap, lamb kabab wrap, and the hummus. Can’t wait to come back here. We’ve had Lazeez cater events at our workplace multiple times and you can’t go wrong. Everything was delicious and the service was great. Definitely a small business to support during this time!

Puja P.

Amazing, delicious, best Middle Eastern food anywhere! Adnan and the family make it with extra care, pride and love. Everyone is treated as family, and no matter what you order, you will be very happy and making yummy noises as you eat. The chicken shawarma is my favorite. You may have had shawarma before, but not like this! You must try the arnabit, and their garlic sauce is delicious. Call your order in and pick up. Trust me, you will be happy ….happy…..happy.

Roxanne S.

I was visiting out of town and decided to try this place. The owner met me outside (due to Covid) to take my order and I was happily surprised how engaging he was. He’s very genuine and wanted to make sure I was satisfied. Food was outstanding and the service was even better. I would definitely recommend eating here!

Darrin S.

Husband had a craving for falafels and found Lazees was open, so off we went 90 minute drive – worth every minute. The curbside service was a pleasant experience and in the end – Tim got his falafels and I decided to try the chicken kabab and the fries Omg-they are perfect – so crunchy on the outside and like soft mashed potato on the inside. So glad we made the drive from the Poconos to Allentown! To the employees – thank you for all you do! It was very much appreciated!

Diane G.

This is hands down one of the best hidden gems in the Lehigh Valley. I got the Chicken Kabab Wrap, and it was so incredible. You could taste the flame and smoke that went into roasting the whole thing, and the homemade garlic sauce was delicious. The owners are also the most kind people. We had to wait a little bit longer for our order because the person in front of us kind of had a meltdown – which during COVID is super unfair. It’s clear that these local businesses are doing their best to keep up with takeout demand and keep their businesses going. If you’re going out, please support local businesses and be patient. Anyway, it was maybe an extra five minute wait. But the owner truly could not thank the rest of the folks in line for our patience. He was kind enough to give us all some free cake included with orders. In addition, he was so grateful that we were supporting his place. Genuinely just a really likeable dude. For some of the best food and kindest people, please visit this place. You won’t regret it.

Nicole G.

Baaaaaaller!! 🎶 This was our second time ordering tonight and everything was fantastic! The entrees will last two meals and it’s all delicious! Got the schwarma entrees, and kibbee and they gave us this delicious almond dessert that is just awesome. Our 2 year old loves the kibbee! We loved the crunchy pita and the out of this world tasty hummus! I’m so glad you guys are like 5 minutes away 😂 Edit: shamelessly ordered two nights in a row so we can have this deliciousness days and days! (Cause uh, it’s going to snow tomorrow, there’s a super bowl and they’re closed on a Sunday 😂) They are so rockin’ and super grateful and friendly. I would absolutely suggest supporting this place. They’re wonderful let’s keep them going 🙂 Awesome job!

Jessica H.

I dont frequent many Mediterranean restaurants but I can very very easily say this was by far my favorite. Huge standout experience to me for many reasons. Walked into an extremely clean, well decorated atmosphere so I had high expectations. We ordered the lunch combo meals, which were your choice of an entree and side with a soda. Price was around $15 for a chicken shwarna, side of seasoned rice and a drink. Price was exactly on point for this meal. The meat was cooked and seasoned perfectly, even down to the wrap being warm and crunchy. The seasoned rice was the perfect amount of buttery and warm, phenomenal meal for a dreary day. I forgot to get the name of the gentleman behind the register but after a brief conversation I’m assuming it was the owner. He discovered it was our first time in his establishment and was very welcoming and seemingly genuinely thankful to have our business (I love this in businesses) We were treated to a small dessert with our lunches which was just as delicious as the lunch itself. I thought maybe we were just getting preferential treatment as we were new customers until I heard everyone in the place being treated as warmly and friendly as us. I can’t say enough good things about this place and its staff, this is the standard for every other restaurant in my mind. Well done. I wish your business and crew nothing but the best success, I will certainly be back!

Josh W.

This food isn’t just good, it’s probably the best Mediterranean in the Lehigh Valley, maybe all of PA. I begrudgingly ordered from them despite not utilizing the online Yelp ordering menu but they took my phone order and in 15 easy breezy minutes they were bringing my shawarma out to my car. I don’t say this lightly, but the food was a revelation. The shawarma was savory and spiced with notes of cinnamon and cumin. The Arabic coffee was strong and earthy with cardamom. The garlic sauce- oh the zesty garlic sauce- I implore them to start mass producing it. This restaurant is well worth a pilgrimage from any of the surrounding cities and burgs. What a food experience. Worth every penny and every minute, and then some.

Kevin H.

I’ve been to Lazeez so many times but this is my first time leaving a review. I just called them and placed an order for pick-up (since we can’t dine in during this pandemic) and the girl who answered was so nice. She took my order with a smile on her face and that really made my day. I work in a medical office and ever since this pandemic started, I’ve had very stressful days. Today was one of those days but the fact that I can call a place and receive great service with a smile made me forget about the day I had so THANK YOU! I really enjoy their food. Always fresh and delicious. Prices are higher than other places but the quality of the food and their service is worth their prices. I will keep coming back 😉

David C.

Oooohhhh. Man I lovE this spot.. aside from the shawarmas being so bomb! The customer service is just as equivalent.. the owner is a really nice guy.. attentive and friendly. Whenever I’m in Allentown I make a point to stop here and get me a wrap!

Abijah I.

If you find yourself in the Allentown area, do not hesitate to eat here. If you find yourself far from the Allentown area, get in your car and drive to Lazeez. We have enjoyed basically everything they make and they treat you like family.

Christian A.

Friendly staff. Food is what you would expect from a place in NY/NJ. It’s spot on. Fries are delicious and they gave more than enough. Prices are fair. Curbside pickup is a breeze.


Absolutely amazing. I’ve had a lot of shawarmas in my life and the chicken one was probably the best I’ve ever had!!! The guy who helped us was awesome and so kind. He even gave us an extra baklava. The grape leaves are so fresh and delicious as well. Awesome restaurant👍🏻👍🏻

Rayna G.

Awesome and delicious food!! First time ordering. Gentleman that took order over phone and delivered to car was super enthusiastic. I have heard great things about them and follow them on Facebook so to finally go there was a treat. And they lived up to and passed expectations. Will be back often!!


Incredible food! I had the vegetarian kebab wrap and was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful it was. My dining companion was equally impressed with the beef shawarma wrap. The garlic sauce is amazing. Best of all they added 2 pieces of the namoura dessert cake for free, maybe because it was our first visit. It was unique and delicious. I definitely recommend this place!!

Sonali B.